Voyd Sites


Slick's Astronomy - My brother's website, recording his astronomical observations through his shiny new telescope.

Typette - My wife's blog about what is going on in her life or whatever happens to be on her mind.

Webjumpers - The website of my friend Craig, showcasing his Bryce-generated images.

Atlantis and the Earth's Shifting Crust - A controversial but compelling theory that the ruins of a prehistoric "mother" civilization, referenced as the island paradise of many ancient cultures, may lie under the ice sheet of Lesser Antarctica.

Hyperdimensional Physics - Another controversial yet compelling theory, that Maxwell's original equations once suggested a hyperdimensional reality that feeds energy into our own, also unifying gravity and electromagnetism. It is used, in this case, to prove that Cydonia (aka the face on Mars) was crafted by an E.T. Take that latter bit for what you will, but the hyperdimensional theory is none-the-less intriging.